11 September 2007

Good questions

Maureen Dowd is not one of my favorite commentators not because she is too liberal but because I have watched her flirt inanely with Charlie Rose once too often. Nevertheless she asks a good question today:

“Can we please get someone in charge who will stop whining that bin Laden is hiding in ‘harsh terrain,’ hunt him down and blast him forward to the Stone Age.?’

But she quotes one of El Prez’ own advisors about George’s obsession with having the Secret Service perfect his bike trails:

“What kind of male obsesses over his bike riding time, other than Lance Armstrong or a 12-year-old boy?’

Wish I had an answer to either one of these.

This post was written on my Neo word processor in a coffee shop this morning. I transferred it to my desktop and then to Sententiae. The first time I have used the Neo this way.

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At 11 September, 2007 18:12, Blogger jack perry said...

I used to obsess about my bike riding times. It must be a hallmark of the left wing to insist that people give up their trucks and SUVs and commute to work on bikes, then puzzle over why we want to do it quickly.

The only reason I stopped obsessing about bike riding times is because I lost my bike's speedometer. My son claims to have found it, but I hope he doesn't show it to me.

At 12 September, 2007 12:36, Blogger Joey said...

Actually I seldom hear the left wing rag on trucks. It is usually SUV's that arouse their ire. The thinking, I think, is that trucks are necessary for (blue collar) workers, where as SUV's are almost universally unnecessary.

All that said, I wish I could bike to school/work :)


At 14 September, 2007 23:12, Blogger Clemens said...

Good post Jack - I was waiting for you to disagree with the political sentiment!

Mr Sobrino: I think it is because trucks are working class, and most liberals, being utterly blind to anything outside of their college-elite upper middleclassness (they would be offended if I said 'bourgeois'), don't think it is worthwhile to notice any other segment of society.

Believe me, you explanation, while logical, is not what drives the discussion. Pick-ups, btw, are quite a bit cheaper than SUVs because car makers know that working people tend to recognize the value of a dollar, since they work so hard for so little of it. SUV drivers - ?

At 14 September, 2007 23:12, Blogger Clemens said...

And I wish I could bike to work too.


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