15 February 2009

Rush is losing it

Obama so far has been successful in one major thing: he has driven R. Limbaugh completely crazy. Rush is now ranting that because of all of Obama's lies, and the awfulness of the stimulus, he wants it all to fail.

There is a big difference btw between saying that in your best judgment you think it will fail, against all good wishes. It is another thing to say you want it to fail (and damn the consequences to all you little people out there who will lose your jobs, homes, businessess, etc).

The face of the modern Republican party.

and more power to him!

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At 19 February, 2009 14:01, Anonymous Maire said...

You're only coming to this conclusion now? I came to it late myself, but even so it was years ago. Remember when a small scandal arose during the first set of Bush tax rebates, when it became clear that most military families did not qualify? Rush's defense of this was stunning -- military families don't earn enough to pay taxes, so certainly they can't qualify for a tax cut.

See, there's a right answer for everything.

At 20 February, 2009 14:12, Blogger Clemens said...

Let's just say the current situation clarifies the inherent contradictions.


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