11 March 2009

Financial Crisis News from the Tar Heel State!

If you have already had your morning coffee and crumpets, pour yourself another shot, curl up on a comfy chair and read this little story from Charlotte, NC. It will set you up nicely for having a warm fuzzy day:
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina: A handful of top executives from American International Group Inc. spent thousands of dollars during a recent English hunting trip, even as the New York-based insurer asked for an additional $37.8 billion loan from the Federal Reserve.
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Last month, and just days after the U.S. government stepped in to save AIG with a $85 billion taxpayer-funded loan, the company picked up a $440,000 tab for a week-long retreat at a posh California resort for top-performing insurance agents.

I'd get mad, but that might be class warfare and I am sure that these business geniuses are worth every penny.

do I catch a whiff of '89?

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