18 December 2009

Personal note

Today I finished my work for the semester.

And it promptly started snowing at about 10:30 am. Still going strong. 10 inches at least. The dawg loves it. He's a lunatic.

But now maybe I'll have some time to catch up on posting, etc.

Meanwhile Carmen has wrapped herself in layers of blankets and says I can wake her up when we leave for that steaming, humid swamp-hole to the south.

no accounting for taste


At 18 December, 2009 21:58, Anonymous Maire said...

Oh no -- we should have gotten Carmen a snugli for Christmas! Well it's too late now 'cause I ain't going out in this mess.

At 18 December, 2009 23:30, Blogger Clemens said...

How about tomorrow evening? You can hook Banshee and Guinness up to the Subaru and mush on down.


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