17 January 2010

E-Reader Wars kindled

(I know - bad pun. What can I say? It's genetic)

Here is the WaPo's comparison between the new Nook from Barnes and Nobles and the old Kindle from Amazon. I put it up because I am fascinated by e-books, but also the first sentence of it is, how shall I put this, misleading.
Amazon.com's Kindle is no longer the only e-book story out there.

It never was. There were several e-books out there, including a very nice Sony reader that was sold at Borders. But, that is what passes for journalism. It's not really untrue, but it is an intellectually lazy and distorting way to present the frame of your article. It has to be a contest, a struggle. Pledge your support here.

I know because this is the way I write my lectures.

Carmen is scandalized: "You just make things up!"

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At 18 January, 2010 16:18, Anonymous Joey said...

I have never laid eyes on a Kindle but the Nook was impressive. When are you two going to come down the mountain to AVL?


At 18 January, 2010 22:33, Blogger Clemens said...

Never seen a Kindle! You - the technophile of the clan? I've actually held one.

Are you in residence then? We have trouble keeping up with you.

At 19 January, 2010 08:07, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

Hehe, I know weird huh? The Kindle was only available through Amazon right? I never saw it in a Barnes and Noble or Borders (or any B&M store).

We are indeed in residence. I have had a few people request that we post some photos or videos of the new place so I'll update my travel blog with it in a week or so.



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