22 February 2010

Weirdest statement about Canada

This is from the Frum Forum, where they are posting the best and the worst of the CPAC. Here's one about Canada.

The First Reference To Canada at CPAC

Jonah Goldberg delivers the first reference To Canada at CPAC: “Canada is a Northern Puerto Rico with an EU sensibility.” Well, at least this time he’s not urging us to bomb it.

Have no understanding what this means, since Puerto Rico is a US territory and its citizens are our citizens. Nor do I know what an EU sensibility is.

But it probably isn't positive.

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At 24 February, 2010 10:05, Anonymous Joey said...

Ironically, Canada is more culturally similar to the US than Puerto Rico is.

I don't really understand it either. I think in general the EU sensibility refers to Canada's easy going deferential attitude to world organizations.

I think the American Revolution made us permanently skeptical of losing sovereignty...which is mostly awesome.



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