31 May 2010

American Business practices II

Can't really say if any of this is true but the last time we all went into the Boone Mellow Mushroom the staff was in an uproar. The name Phil Templeton was written all over the bathroom wall with various crude and improbable acts associated with him. The explanation, according to the staff?

Mellow Mushroom may be going out of business and all of its staff will be out of work. Not because of a lack of business, the Mellow Mushroom has done consistently good business as the best pizzeria in town. But the owner of the building (apparently this Phil Templeton) will not renew their lease. Instead he is going to lease it to another pizzeria that wants the location. Why? Don't know, but undoubtedly there is an interesting story out there.

That would be bad enough, but Templeton is alleged not to have bothered to tell the folks at Mellow Mushroom about this. Their first hint of trouble was when the other pizzeria called them and asked for details on when and how Mellow Mushroom was vacating the premises.

So now the Mellow Mushroom is scrambling to try to find a new location which is extremely difficult.

Nice. If true, of course. We only have the Mellow Mushroom staff's take on it. So don't jump to conclusions.

That would be wrong. I'll undertake some more investigation.

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