08 April 2011

Profiles in political ... uh... something or other

Here is an actual quote (from Andrew Sullivan) from Sen. Kyl's office.

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At 11 April, 2011 23:49, Anonymous Maire said...

Jon Stewart would like you to know that Sen Kyle spends 80% of his time in the Senate farting and drooling. That statement is not be intended to be factual, but rather to illustrate a point.

At 12 April, 2011 23:44, Anonymous Maire said...

And then there's Stephen:

"Jon Kyl calls all Asians "Neil" no matter what their name is."

For more, see:

At 13 April, 2011 22:54, Blogger Clemens said...

Colbert is even better.

As any real Irish-American would be.


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