17 September 2011

Run for President!! Samad Pashean!!

Didn't like that last modest proposal? Here's another one: repeal the amendment preventing the foreign born from becoming president so this guy, the official court jester of an Afghani warlord, can run for the Republican presidential nomination next time:
Atta boasted proudly of Pashean’s many talents, telling me that in addition to his prowess as an entertainer, he was also a professional blackmailer, a master thief, and a prolific murderer, with an estimated fifty victims killed by his own hand. As Atta related this last statistic in delighted exclamation, the other men and boys in the room laughed and stared reverentially at Pashean, who grinned and nodded his head in acknowledgment.


Read the whole article - some of it has medieval historical content!

what? That's not a come-on for you?

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At 19 September, 2011 08:56, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Where is the link to read the article.

At 19 September, 2011 14:11, Blogger Clemens said...

Sorry. I'll see if I can find it.

At 23 September, 2011 23:26, Blogger Clemens said...

OK - fixed. It is a little creepy. But 'In-ter-esting' as my Hittite friend says.


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