21 October 2011

The Republican Candidate Speaks

Andrew Sullivan's quote for the day:
"Muammer Qaddafi, the dictator of Libya, declared that 'we'd be content and happy if Obama can stay president forever.' Such lavish praise...tells you much of what [Obama's] approach to foreign policy is and the audience to which he is playing," - Mitt Romney, in his book No Apology.

Probably explains why some Republicans couldn't bring themselves to mention the US, either our troops or our prez, when commenting on the dictator's sudden exit from office.

Marc Rubio, from that state down there, was particularly silly.

about whom more in a moment.

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At 21 October, 2011 23:45, Anonymous Maire said...

Rubio is silly enough to lie about his Cuban immigrant story, to Cuban-American voters! http://www.npr.org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2011/10/21/141587088/sen-marco-rubio-denies-embellishing-his-background-as-a-cuban-exile

At 22 October, 2011 23:38, Blogger Clemens said...

Check out the two posts up above. The Frum Forum post is funny. And honest, oddly enough.


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