04 December 2011

The Left Speaks!

Well, the Rightist speaks on the left's behalf over on my new favorite blog, crack skull bob.

The artist's left hand goes out of control and commits a comic strip on love. Here is the explanation the Rightist gives:
This was a comic drawn many years ago by my left hand unbeknownst to the rest of my body. This was a frequent problem during my youth, my left hand being sullen and resentful because of the adulation showered upon my right hand. Kind of a Left of Eden scenario. Righty got to do all the spectacular cross-hatching and trumpet-fingering and imperious gesticulating, while Lefty was given menial jobs such as holding my penis while I urinated. Over the years he has mellowed somewhat, but every so often I will feel a vicious pinch on my left side, and will have to stop what I'm doing and stroke my left hand gently, crooning "Never you mind, left hand. Never you mind."

In my own corporeal dispensation it is the other way around. Occasionally I take the right hand out for a trot around the writing pad just so it won't get too sulky.

Though it shouldn't since I grew up in a rightist imperialistic dictatorship (aka the family) that forced, forced I say, me to learn to play all sports with the right hand.

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