03 November 2014

Mindfulness practice

With me, I think it will always be just that, practice, hoping to gain the skill to start the journey. I am the type who wants a road map, but I am getting over that. Each time it is something worth doing only for its own sake, that time. The future never gets here.

Saturday I was physically ill, it was an exceptionally dreary day, and both factors were depressing me. For no particular reason I decided to search out Bohdipaksa videos on You Tube. Found one that looked good and decided to try formal meditation, since all I have been doing little snippets of informal mindfulness here and there during the day.

And it all worked. For nearly a half hour I sat cross legged on the floor and listened and focused. When it was done, I felt fine. All the nausea was gone, all the aches and pains, even the lassitude. I did not even need a nap that afternoon.

So why did it work so well that time, when my meditation practice before, as useful and even necessary as it was, had never even come close to being this remarkable? Possibly all those little informal practices cleared the ground and prepared to way. More likely, I simply like Bohdipaksa voice and his take on meditation. Most likely, I believe, is that he talked about joy and instructed his class to smile.

Perhaps that is all it takes.

(the next day Critter came in to help me and Bohdipaksa in our practice - not sure if it was a help)


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