29 July 2015

The Republican Crack Up

The Republican reliance on Tea-Party types to provide the oomph to their electoral efforts while delivering essentially nothing to them has worn thin. The coalition of the cynical and the delusional and angry is beginning to fray. A party representing big business, the Republicans traditional role, does not fit well with a populist common man base.

And so, it goes.

Trump is only one part of this. The Republican party simply can't get anything done one way or another. Other than investigate Benghazi for the what, sixtieth time, or vote to repeal Obamacare one more time. And now they are even trying to fire John Boehner. Even Fox News is appalled. And shocked, shocked, no doubt 

Here is a good explanation of the problem for the remaining sane pragmatists who actually want to govern. If the Grand Old Party were actually an elephant, we'd have to put it down to end its suffering.


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