23 June 2007

Mora wins! Clemens just glad its over

Do you remember me mentioning an article I was working on, about the second Master of the Temple, the one I had agreed to submit three years ago? The one that I told the editor I was only two weeks away from finishing two years ago? The very same that I told the same editor almost exactly one year ago that I was finishing it up and would send it to her by the end of the week?

Well, I finished it on Sunday. E-mailed it as an attachment on Monday and it is done. I am so relieved. Now I can start working on the next article, the one about Urban Violence within the Angevin realm in the 11th and 12th centuries. Piece of cake.

I'll mail it off next Tuesday.

Now Mora, quit laughing. Stop that. You shameless minx ... it WILL be ready by Tuesday... some Tuesday,,, anyway..

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