20 June 2007

The Passport is here!

Maeráed's passport has arrived. Her mom handed it to her at our favorite pizzeria last night. She looked at her picture in it and said "Who's that?"*

It only took 14 weeks, even though the head of the passport office was quoted in The Washington Post as saying the backlog delay is 10-12 weeks.

And, btw, it took a very well connected Republican Senator's staff's direct intervention to get it within those 14 weeks. Must have been a typo in that news report. Or perhaps she misspoke. Or can't remember. There's been a lot of that going around Washington lately.

Or perhaps she was simply misquoted. I'd be the last person on earth to say she deliberately 'misled' us.

*I got the same feeling the last time I had a passport photo taken.


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At 20 June, 2007 21:52, Anonymous Maire said...

Interesting -- NPR quoted the 10-12 week from the State Department, and then pointed out it's really taking 14-15 weeks.

Full story here:


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