08 July 2007

China, the Siege of the Red Mosque, and a brothel

Sounds like a Johnny Carson routine, but what do they have in common? An interesting story, told here on National Review Online. Here is the key to it:

This is all to do with Musharraf having finally authorized an assault on the "Red Mosque" seminary in Pakistan's capital. It's a nest of radical jihadis, who have been making a nuisance of themselves going round the city imposing Islamic virtue, Taliban-style. One of those impositions somehow led to them kidnapping the madam of a Chinese-staffed brothel much frequented by Pakistan's movers and shakers (if you'll pardon the expression).

So the denizens of the Red Mosque made two mistakes. One, they threatened to deprive the decision makers of their 'recreation.'

Two, they angered the Chinese, who unlike the Americans actually CAN tell Pakistan's President Musharaf what to do and when to do it. For one thing, they share a 300 mile long border with Pakistan and the world's largest army is on the Chinese side of it. For another, they are a lot meaner than we are. I forebear to say that they are also more competent then we are, though I am certain the Pakistanis sure think so.

Point taken, at least as far as Musharaf was concerned. The Islamists he has been telling us he simply didn't dare take on, are now being taken on.

I am still mystified, btw, with why Dan Simmons in his little 'Century War' fantasy discounted the Chinese completely. No one in that part of the world does.

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At 08 July, 2007 16:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say this a perfectly good example of the cia's domination of pakistan.

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the usa is self destructing both psychologically and physically as the women of the ameriki becomes whores taking the LBT (low back tattoo) and making the sex with every man, while killing their children through mass abortions.

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fear not my friends as the wicked always get their reward. Musharaff will die the death of Hezekiah, his organs rotting from the inside out. It will not be pleasant. His family will be exterminated to the fourth degree of blood relations. this to include even the second cousin.

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At 10 July, 2007 01:10, Blogger Clemens said...

Magister Clemens says this is a perfectly good example of moonbarking nonsense.

But, I am glad you think the CIA is competent, and can actually get something done. I myself don't have quite so much faith in the Americans.

Welcome to Sententiae.


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