07 July 2007

Fallout from the Immigraton Bill fiasco

Here is an interesting take on the failure of the Immigration Bill - it seems that a great many Hispanic legal immigrants who had no intention to become citizens are now signing up to do so. They are very specific in saying that they want to be able to express their opinions about the opponents of the bill by voting. What a great idea.

The comments from readers are interesting too. Here's part of one:

I’ve had three close relatives become naturalized citizens. My wife, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law(who came over here as a nurse). None are fans of illegal immigrants but also think Immigration, ICE, CIS, whatever you want to call it is both mismanaged and shouldn't have hiked the fees like they did.

As far as I know, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, who has ever dealt with any aspect of ICE, CIS, or the diplomatic personnel taking applications for visas have ever had anything good to say about the process, either the way they were treated or the accuracy of the information. This includes the writer of this blog and at least two of its readers (Maira and Cantanima) .

The government can be quite efficient, considerably more efficient than business or even NGOs - when it is politically expedient to be so. Social Security is a good example. Why are our immigration services so dysfunctional?


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