12 July 2007

Professors, Sex, and Reality

Just in case you were wondering what I do with my life as a university professor (and I know I work for a real university because it says so on the front gate, and on my business card) I have to tell you that it is a lot less cinematic than you see on the cinema. Take my word for it.

If you don't, read this.


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At 12 July, 2007 23:20, Blogger George Kuruvilla Naveen said...

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At 14 July, 2007 09:47, Anonymous Maire said...

Why does Dan ahve time to scratch his ass? What am I doing wrong??

Oh -- maybe it's because he's a male professor.

At 14 July, 2007 12:07, Blogger Clemens said...

Uh, being too dedicated? Males seem to have a lot less trouble with that. Apparently they also like to scratch body parts females don't - or at least don't talk about.

(reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes conversation btn Calvin and Suzie Derkins)

At 20 July, 2007 02:22, Blogger The Inquisitor said...

I received an email that was worded exactly as the one 'george' posted here. Spam? Or perhaps he is genuine and does not want to retype the same message over and over again whenever he comes across a site which impresses him? Thoughts?

At 20 July, 2007 18:03, Blogger Clemens said...

Mr Inquisitor:

Perhaps genuine spam? I mean he does have a real blog, four in fact. Perhaps it is a clever way to get his readership up.

Maybe we should give it a try?


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