11 September 2007

It depends on what the meaning of 'weird' is

"If you thought that Johnny Depp was a weird pirate, wait until you see him as a barber in "Sweeny Todd."

Newsweek in a mini-review of the move due in December.

Aside: rumor has it that this guy will co-star.



At 15 September, 2007 21:21, Blogger Anactoria said...

I'm kind of curious as to how that movie is going to turn out...

(I think the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie just goes to show that even Johnny Depp can't redeem everything.)

At 16 September, 2007 12:06, Blogger Clemens said...

I didn't see P of the C III, and only got to watch about half of P of the C II because of a fire alarm going off at the theatre.

So I'll take your word for it - he sure didn't save "Ninth Gate" which was based on a good novel ("Club Dumas).

What's wrong with movie makers that they can misuse such talent?


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