04 April 2008

And, of course, the Bush State Department

The same clowns who caused so much emotional and financial pain to 20 some American families by refusing to let them bring their legally adopted children home from Vietnam are malicious bumblers on other fronts too. Remember the let's-all-look-at-passport-files for all three presidential candidates scandal? The one the State Dept and Condi Rice all swore up and down was only the result of some idle curiosity on the part of non-DOS contract employees?

Late breaking news implies this is another example of DOS bafflefarp and bullwhaaa:

The department intends to name a new acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services to replace Ann Barrett who will be stepping aside.

The official declined to offer an explanation as to why Barrett is being replaced, but the timing comes in the midst of a State Department Inspector General investigation into the passport breaches.

Call me suspicious, but why do I think that she was fired? For good reason?

These clowns have to go.

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