29 January 2009

A Sample of New Majority

That would be David Frum's new blog I mentioned in the preceding post. Here's a sample of what is blog is all about entitled "Base? What Base?" You can see why I like it. Here is a sample of the sample:
Overall: 36% of Americans now identify as Democrats and only 28% as Republicans. That 8% advantage for the Dems is the biggest since 1983, before the Reagan boom and triumph in the Cold War created a “Reagan generation” of young conservatives.

These are the numbers that make yesterday’s flexing of muscle by Rush Limbaugh over Georgia congressman Phil Gingery not merely ridiculous but actively dangerous. When Republicans line up behind Rush Limbaugh in this way, they are dividing the country 80-20 against themselves. Our supreme priority now has to be to reinvent ourselves as a pragmatic, inclusive, modern party of free enterprise and limited government. We have to relearn how to talk to moderates, independent, younger voters, educated voters, women – it’s a long list.

Me? I'm hoping he folds like Culture 11 before Republicans start listening to him.

and I have reason for hope.


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