22 March 2009

Without Comment [parady alert]

Well, I am afraid I have to end my fun and add a comment. The above coloring book sample is a parody. Dang. I should have known. As Maire pointed out, all the true dinosaurs died in the great flood because they were too dumb to get on the ark.

but I knda liked the macho Jesus image

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At 23 March, 2009 21:07, Anonymous Maire said...

Huh. And there I thought the Flood is what did in all the dinosaurs. I've got to get a better God Radio station

At 24 March, 2009 10:26, Blogger jack perry said...

"Beginner's Bible Coloring Book."

Hmm. My Bible doesn't say anything at all about dinosaurs, but Leviathan was a sea creature, was it not?

These modern translations…


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