21 October 2009

Medieval news flash!

Vikings could sing.

Of course, they were into Heavy Metal.

ha. bet you thought this was just one more cheap trick to get you to watch this.

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At 23 October, 2009 22:04, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Well, I have listened to this song which I liked very much (except for the middle section which is too much "metal rock" for my tastes.) I have also followed some links on You Tube and been introduced to the exciting world of "Viking Metal" music. Some like this I like, others not so much. This group, Tyr, from the Foroe Islands has some that are straight up folk songs sung a cappella in Faroese (a variation of Old Norse.) The song that I really like that you need to hear is by a group called Folkearth. Which is more like a big committee from all over. They have a song called Instrumental that you need to search You Tube and hear. It starts off with just a keyboard doing the melody and then goes into a Celtic instrumentation of that melody. It then slows to a pause and the drums start and all hell breaks loose with bagpipes and the melody going strong. (On You Tube put in Folkearth - Instrumental.)


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