01 November 2009

Crimean War photos

Somehow I managed to stumble across a site with dozens of pictures taken during the Crimean War (1853-1856), over a century and a half ago. This one is typical, except: They all seem to be staring at the dog.

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At 01 November, 2009 20:57, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Ah, yes Roger Fenton. I remember when I was back in high school and was reading all about Mathew Brady and his civil war photographs, the book "Mr. Lincolns Photographer" used a photo by Roger Fenton as an example of early "war photography". (That and one of the few daguerreotypes from the Mexican War.)

At 02 November, 2009 22:30, Blogger Clemens said...

Yes. I remember you showing some to me about 150 years ago or so.


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