31 December 2009

The Workshops of Languages

Here is a strange little map showing the world with relative size based on how many languages the area has produced. Notice how big Papua New Guinea is: it has 800 languages, one spoken by 5 people. Presumably baring any deaths or births since the survey was made.

Learn all about its source, the Limits of Language here. And, from the Amazon readers' comments page, what author would not kill for a review like this:
I've never smoked crack, but reading this book approximates what I imagine it would feel like -- an initial rush of pure pleasure, followed by the irresistible craving for just one more bump, yielding to that craving over and over until - six hours later - you find yourself surrounded by cats not fed, laundry not done, unwashed dishes, unpaid bills, and yet you still can't stop yourself. You want more.

Actually, I WOULD kill for a review like that.



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