17 January 2010

Democratic failure

Cementing their image as a party of totally feckless bunch of self serving buffoons, the Mass. Democratic congressional delegation stands by while their party stands to loose the 'Kennedy Seat,' its reputation, and the Health Care Reform bill. From a Talking Points Memo reader working in Massachusetts:
As a disappointing aside, Mass's Congressional delegation has been nearly invisible over the past week. Markey's been out a little bit; so too has McGovern. But I live in Somerville, Capuano's home territory, and he should be holding fifteen rallies this weekend. He's been invisible---almost figuring that he'd be well-positioned to take on Brown in 2012. That's inexcusable given the stakes. The same goes for Steven Lynch in Southie---hell, Brown's most aired advertisement shows him "winning over" some voters there; Lynch should be hitting back, but he's nowhere.

Way to go guys.

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At 18 January, 2010 16:24, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

The Dems deserve this as much as the Republicans deserved to have their asses handed to them in 08.

The Nelson bribe, the utter lack of transparency, the heavy handed tactics means that even in the bluest of states people have only so much tolerance for this kind of crap.

Btw, I think the idea of delaying seating Brown coming out BEFORE the race had tightened (I think it was a MoE race at that point) fired up conservatives and probably most people who dislike political games. I have to think that is playing a part in some of the +7 + 10 polls that have emerged lately. Tomorrow will be interesting...


At 18 January, 2010 22:32, Blogger Clemens said...

Don't see it that way, but then I'm not from Massachusetts. I'm from a part of the south you have never been to.


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