06 January 2010

Foxx News: We report, you decide

That lovable old scamp, Virginia Foxx, is once again in the news and making Tarheels everywhere proud*. From the Washington Monthly:
* Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), who appears to be stark raving mad, told a conservative talk-radio show yesterday that President Obama has "not kept a single promise to the American people.... All the promises he's kept are the ones that endanger our lives."

A commenter on that item about VF who IS, in fact, as near as I can tell, BSFC, says this: "To imagine Foxx as a former teacher makes another one cringe. It's impossible to imagine her treating all students fairly." She used to teach at dear old Appstate. They canned her, which explains why as a state rep she did NOTHING to support the institution. I won't comment on any of the stories I have heard about her since I can't verify them, but I can say that everyone I knw at school who ever knew her loathes her. And not just for her political career.

*For the record, I am a Virginian

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