05 February 2010

The Invincible Japanese

There are reasons why they lost WWII - Imperial overreach on steroids being one of them.
Now the much vaunted Toyota brand has lost some of its luster.

Well, I suppose they could blame it on computer error. It seems to be the excuse for everything else in our civilization.
But a computer is only as good as its software. Some experts believe that Toyota's acceleration problems may actually be caused by faulty programming, not a faulty pedal. And the brakes on the Prius, which are used not only to stop the car but also to recharge the hybrid's battery, have already undergone one software rewrite, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal. So it must be true.

I remember when a Florida State Trooper gunned down a black motorist he'd stopped. The State Troopers blamed it on a computer error (and no, I am not making that up).

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