28 January 2010

Feel good video, I hope

It has been a long day. My eye hurts. I am tired. Met a new friend and neighbor on the bus today. He goes to my university and has to pay out-of-state tuition. He's illegal. For that reason his family discourages him from any more education: what is the point if you are illegal? And we are waiting for another 10 inches snow storm tomorrow. I was going to stay home, but foolishly forgot to fill my prescription for the drug that will make me psychotic if I don't take it, so I have to drive back up the mountain into the storm tomorrow.

So I watch this on Sullivan's site and feel a lot better.


now for a long hot shower and some cognac.



At 29 January, 2010 23:56, Anonymous Maire said...

Let us know if you come up the mountain tomorrow! But why not just have a local pharmacy call the Mountain pharmacy and get the prescription filled in WB?sa

At 30 January, 2010 13:46, Blogger Clemens said...

Because I didn't know they could do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

At 30 January, 2010 21:13, Blogger Clemens said...

And at least I got to see my friend Jed the Mountaineer (see Not Mayberry)


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