22 February 2010

More excitement at CPAC

That's the conservative (read libertarian) conference going on recently. Here is another blot from Frum:

BEST: The man, Philip Berg, is a lawyer who is suing to have President Obama removed from office. He is shouted out of the room by a blogger, who excoriates Berg for associating himself with conservatism. That’s what we like to see!

Yes sir. A bit of sanity and a sense of appearances.

And, tooting their own horn (Frum Forum that is):
Nicole Glass, a FrumForum reporter, overheard complaining about how tough it is to get a substantive interview at CPAC: “Why are these people even here? They don’t really have any opinions!”

And one I completely agree with:

WORST: Introducing Grover Norquist, Human Events editor Jed Babbin joked about the tragedy in Texas yesterday, saying: “Grover’s been testy in the last couple of weeks… I’m just glad that it wasn’t him who flew that plane into the IRS building yesterday.”

And an acknowledgment of McCain's stand on Medicare D:
WORST: JD Hayworth who voted for medicare part D praising himself as a more consistent conservative than John McCain, who voted against..

And a bit cryptically:
Romney says: Only the private sector can create jobs. Then corrects himself – “in a lasting way.” No pretend information here.

And here are a passel of "Best" comments:

BEST: Tucker Carlson at ‘Saving Freedom Through Technology’ panel: “Take the time to learn. A purely emotional response won’t work. Weeping won’t win the argument… Get informed.”

BEST: Tucker Carlson lectures the CPAC audience: “We need to cease and desist using the term mainstream media. It suggests that anyone not in the mainstream media is not mainstream.”

BEST: Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner: “I love coming to CPAC. It’s like Woodstock for conservatives…except the high is natural.”

And this one, like Gandhi's response to "What do you think of Western Civilization?" sounds like it would be a good idea.

Keene lays out the hard line: “We’re not about winning elections for the sake of winning elections… we’re not about power for the sake of power.” The theme of this conference is “Saving Freedom”, because, as Keene explains, “that’s what we’re all about.”

Well, that's the best and the worst of the best of the worst, or something.

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