29 March 2010

Ybor City

Once it was interesting. Very interesting. Less so now, though most folks these days probably like it more. All that Miami style nonsense. Old Tampa was always a red brick city. But - courtesy of Matthew Yglesias whose grandfather is from there, here is a song that is actually about Ybor. My father knew his granddad, but that was long ago, back when Ybor City was interesting. There is, still, a park in Ybor with a statue of Nick C. Nuccio, the man responsible for my family migrating down to the port city, and hence, in a way, for my meeting Carmen.

Nuccio once told my father that he spoke three languages, Italian, Spanish, and broken English. My father admired him I think.

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At 31 March, 2010 12:58, Anonymous Joey said...

Ybor is kind of unfortunate. It really should be better than it is. It is the only thing in Tampa that gives it any uniqueness. Businesses are flying out of Centro Ybor left and right (including Starbucks...I mean... Starbucks?)


At 04 April, 2010 00:49, Blogger Clemens said...

Everything in Tampa should be better than it is.

With the possible exception of the air port.


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