12 March 2010

Just Asking

Did one of our readers ever finish his essay on "Whence Victorian Sewers?"

Also - how has the winter been in the Great White North? Several times this winter we made a valiant attempt to steal that title.


At 12 March, 2010 18:32, Blogger Elliot said...

Yes, I did. I kind of rushed it but it got a good mark so I guess it was all right. Right now I'm in the midst of rushing through some other papers - on Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, The Patriarch Photius, William Lloyd Garrison and the Ultras, and the Taiping Rebellion. And trying to decide where the heck I should go to school... do I want to be dirt-poor or only very poor? ;-)

This winter has been remarkably mild. Someone told me that this year is an El Nino year, which is why we're getting the moderate weather and you on the East Coast are getting the Great White North.

At 17 March, 2010 11:39, Blogger Clemens said...

The Taiping Rebellion! You do get around. I loved learning about the Taipings as an undergrad. Did one of my best papers on them. Not TOO long ago I read "God's Chinese Son" which explained more about the peculiar and fascinating Christianoid theology the Taipings developed.

Being dirt poor as a graduate student has some odd perks.

Carmen wants to return the Great White North to sender. If you happen to know who it is.

At 30 March, 2010 23:18, Blogger Elliot said...

The Taipings ARE as fascinating as all heck. The whole thing was like an unbelievable fantasy novel, with a tragic ending of course. I used a little of Spence's book for my paper, which was about the way they blended and reinterpreted Christianity to fit Confucianism and other classical Chinese traditions. Reading the original sources (translated of course) and some of the 1960s/1970s research by Chinese scholars was really interesting. Made me wish I had time to read more about them...

Personally I would blame climate-change-denying Republican politicians for the Great White North coming to Washington and points south. They must be responsible somehow. (Plus all their jokes about how freak snow storms prove that climate change isn't real were really annoying.)


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