31 May 2010

Trying to get to full employment

In our little county the library and the school systems have had their budgets cut so much that there are starting to be layoffs. It is very odd to watch a local government that cut taxes about seven years ago when times were good rather than build up their rainy day fund but routinely tries to offer expensive incentives to get companies to relocate now calmly watching while the county fires workers.

And, via The Week, a story from the New York Times:

The teaching profession is usually thought of as recession-proof, but with many state and local governments in severe financial distress, teachers are facing their worst job market since the Depression. More than 150,000 teachers are expected to lose their jobs over the next year.



At 31 May, 2010 14:42, Blogger jack perry said...

Rainy day fund +1.

On the other hand, we have one in Mississippi, but it hasn't been nearly large enough to cover the losses. So the guv refuses to use it.

At 31 May, 2010 15:36, Blogger Clemens said...

Hum? Why try to solve a problem if you can only solve part of it?

But then, you have some experience in both states. How do they compare? Fiscally, I mean.


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