16 April 2011

Religious tolerance at the academy

I am having great fun reading Alexandre Dumas' La Reine Margot about the St Bartholomew Day's massacre. But that was far away and long ago and we are more tolerant these days.

Here, by chance, is a quote from one of my 'Migration in World History' students essay on their family:

The family "converted from Catholicism to Christianity."

And I am sure they are better Christians for it.


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At 19 April, 2011 12:35, Anonymous The Old Man said...

This post prompted me to read up on the massacre, and thought that you would like the quote I found that
"On hearing of the slaughter, Philip II of Spain “laughed for the only time on record”."

At 21 April, 2011 10:53, Blogger Clemens said...

Philip was not known for taking jokes well. But, in case anyone wants to learn why, at least partly, the West has become more secular and less religious over the years, reading "Queen Margot" is a good place to start.

Dumas doesn't seem to be terribly upset by it either.


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