18 August 2011

Conservatives in that unnamed state down there

You know the one, the one with Lex Lothar as governor. I noticed a curious thing when I was down there among the family and my one friend there.

The friend, Budweiser, and I had our usual meeting at the club al fresco under the swaying palms of the shopping center. As we were drinking our Czech beer it occurred to me: Budweiser and I have know each other for over forty years and he has always loved to talk politics. He became a stalwart supporter of Bush and all the wars. In fact, virtually anything Bush did. He began to loathe the liberals and Democrats in general.

But this time, not a word about politics. Said he doesn't follow it anymore and has no interest in it.

OTOH, my brother-in-law, of the same political persuasion and also usually having an opinion, wasn't particularly interested in discussing politics either.

And my brother the war vet, who I always assumed was either a moderate Repub or completely apolitical suddenly started talking - a lot - about how crazy the Republicans are! Haven't seen him this animated about the news since the "Paul is Dead" rumor on WKBW. Worse, even my other brother the Confederate Nut, usually pining for the good ol' days of George Wallace even began to make some sense.

What's going on? Is it just me? Or them? and if so, why? Embarrassment to admit they were Palin fans? What?

UPDATE: apparently I was wrong about my brother the Confederate.

the comment about the Czech beer was thrown in simply as a sop to any beer snobs who might be following this blog lest they think I only drink working class beer like PBR.

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