11 August 2011

A Tea Party example of fiscal responsibility

Sometimes the news is so droll I figure that Colbert and Stewart are stealing candy from babies. Here is a true story (the opposite of 'not intended as a true statement') from TPM:
Tea Party aligned Georgia Rep. Tom Graves (R), who castigates Washington for fiscal irresponsibility, reached an out of court settlement Wednesday after he was sued for defaulting on a $2.2 million loan -- which his attorney argued is the bank's fault for lending him the money in the first place.
The bank, which has since failed and had its assets taken over, sued Graves and Rogers for defaulting. The two Republicans then countersued, "accusing [the bank] of improperly declaring the loan in default after reneging on a promise to refinance it at more favorable terms," according to Jeremy Redmon and Aaron Gould Sheinin of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .

Yep. It's about nothing real, nothing coherent, nothing honest.

Except maybe the anger.

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