24 October 2011

Rubio: of course, I could have been wrong

Carmen tells me it has happened before. But I don't remember it.

Sort of like Marc Rubio not remembering, or maybe never knowing, when his parents left Cuba. But, as Carmen, and many others have helpfully pointed out, every Cuban knows the day he left Cuba. And as I can personally report, having heard it a number of times, if two Cuban-Americans meet, one of the first things they ask is "When did you leave?" No explanation needed.

I've never heard any one say in response, "uh, I don't remember" or "gee, my folks never really said."

So maybe I was too easy on the guy. Now even Andrew Sullivan is thinking the same.

I was just trying to hide my true commie, hippie, Leftie, fascist nature. I won't do it again.


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