14 December 2011

With support like this ...

... Romney picks up a key endorsement:

"That’s one of the things that I like about him — because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind,” - Christine O’Donnell, on her endorsement of Mitt Romney.
Oh, the hell with it. Go ahead and vote Ron Paul.

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At 14 December, 2011 22:10, Anonymous Maire said...

If I were a Republican, I think I would vote for Ron Paul. Other than his insane idea about going back to the gold standard, he makes sense a lot of the time.

At 15 December, 2011 16:10, Blogger Clemens said...

Andrew Sullivan has a very long post on why he is endorsing Rom Paul. It's basically along the lines of "Sure the man's a lunatic, but at least he lives on the same planet we do!"

I'd go for him just because I'd love to see every right wing commentator on Fox News' head explode.

At 16 December, 2011 00:15, Anonymous Maire said...

As for Christine O'Donnell, I'm pretty certain she weighs the same as a duck.

At 16 December, 2011 10:43, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

I am not sure Ron Paul does live on this planet. He is of the belief that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon. Riiiighhht, they are enriching Uranium for nuclear power. They just happen to like using weapons grade enrichment standards unlike what the rest of the nuclear nations do.

That said, I agree with him often which at times concerns me.



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