01 July 2012

Via media

The Episcopal Church as part of the Anglican community honors the via media - the middle way. Originally it meant the middle way between Catholicism and the Reformed (something the Puritans did not take kindly to) but has become a search for the moderate way, the middle way, as the Greeks might say the Golden Mean.

Here is an explanation of one Episcopalian's understanding of that. It is an increasingly touchy topic but I have to admit that I have little sympathy for the Catholic hierarchy's stand on much of anything these days.

And it is always fun to get in touch with my inner Anglican.


At 03 July, 2012 22:49, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

If a Roman Catholic were to walk into an Episcopal Church I think they would just think someone took Jesus off the cross and the missal got another translation. Same lectionary, same creeds, weekly communion etc.

As kind of a funny story, Trisha reluctantly agreed to come with me to the local Episcopal church for Pentecost after our awkward Christmas story. Anyhow during the acolyte procession she got hit in the face with the holy spirit dove that was being flung around.


At 04 July, 2012 09:55, Blogger Clemens said...

I think this means what we used to call the Holy Ghost is telling her to become an Episcopalian.


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