25 June 2007

The Age of Unseriousness

For a lot of reasons I think of this as the era of silliness, or better, the 'Age of Unseriousness' if Eric Hobsbawm is looking for a new title. Here's one example, the GOP has hired as its chief operating officer an Australian whom the Dept of Homeland Security are trying to deport. Read about it here.

Here's an even funnier part:

Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring, who hired the afore-mocked Kamburowski [the Aussie], claimed he was not able to find a qualified political director for the California party among the three-hundred-odd million citizens of the United States. Nehring used a H1B visa (the type commonly used by high-tech companies when say they need to hire a foreigner with a skill not possessed by any American) to Christopher Matthews, a Canadian citizen, with no experience in California politics.

Homeland security? Immigration reform? They are not serious.

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