26 June 2007

The Designated Adult at "National Review"

I usually, no, make that always, refer to Rich Lowry as "the designated adult over at National Review" mag. He's the one they send out to be interviewed on the Jim Leher News Hour, where he usually adopts a noticeably more moderate view than he does in print. Come to think of it, Juan Cole does the same. I suppose it's an American variant of Arafat saying one thing in English and another in Arabic.

But back to the point. This little quote will show you why, despite everything, I still think of Lowry as "the designated adult." It sounds less snarky than "the designated sane person."

But I would never say that. Nor would I call him "Rich Lowry, the preppy, handsome 38-year-old editor of National Review."


ps: Aside from speaking out of both sides of his persona, Carmen holds it against Juan Cole that he wore that worst TV tie ever.


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