16 July 2007

Dog and Cat fight at the National Review Online

Man, those guys over at NRO don't care WHO they offend. John Hood has posted on the site's blog that the historical ... no, I'd better let him have his say in his own words.

According to a number of historians and classicists, domesticated cats have probably been of greater practical value to humanity than domesticated dogs, due to their critical role in reducing the population of grain-eating and disease-carrying rodents. Medieval European foolishness linking cats, witchcraft, and the Devil led to eradication programs that may well have paved the way for deadly plagues. Karma.

Our weird little doggie is offended, but Mosby the cat seems fine with it.

As for the NRO folks, Jonah Goldberg and his dog(s) immediately posted this reply:

Mr. Hood - We are not amused. More to come tomorrow, when our passions will be less likely to get the better of us. Good evening, sir.

Well, ,the fur will fly now.

next post: Samurai Kitty

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At 16 July, 2007 23:41, Blogger Angry Warhol said...

Hi, I’m Angry Warhol

If you want to be a part of the moral mammy’s of white Americans then wait your turn. Right now, it’s Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who gets paid millions in grant money to do that. But in the mean time you can try being the moral conscientiousness of the Black community and help us clean up our own backyard for a change. It doesn’t pay as well in terms of money but it pays well in terms of blessings.

Why is it that so-called Black leaders think that if they can get White American’s to stop being racist then their lives will vicariously be better. What is this sick symbiotic relationship that blacks have with whites that leads them to believe that if they can mammy white men into being morally supreme that all would be good in the hood?

White men are also the blame for black men not pooling their money together - except for on Sunday afternoons in church- to buy the 1 dollar real estate in their communities to prevent gentrification.

At 17 July, 2007 15:08, Blogger Clemens said...

Wow. A little off topic.


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