07 August 2007

Conservatives for Hillary!

No, I didn't believe it either, but I am reading more and more comments like this one from one of the conservative bloggers filling in for Andrew Sullivan. Here's the core of his argument:

A couple of months ago I came to the realization that no Republican can win the White House next year.... Having come to this realization, it became necessary to judge the Democratic field to determine which candidate would be the least bad from my point of view. I concluded that Hillary Clinton was less objectionable that the others. She appeared to be a clone of her husband on economic policy--which is good as far as I am concerned--and a realist on foreign policy. Given the choices facing us, I concluded that conservatives ought to consider supporting Hillary in order to ensure that a more liberal candidate such as Barack Obama or John Edwards didn't become our next president.

I can't tell if this is sincere or a hope that by nominating Hillary the Republicans might be facing the one Democrat they can defeat. At any rate, looks like it will be an interesting political year.

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