17 September 2007

Republican self definition

Caught this today on Salon.com in an article pointing out that the Demos can't attract, and don't need, the classic white male voter. In keeping with the spirit of my last post on immigration and the Repubs, I liked this quote:

Republican pollster Whit Ayres : "I would dearly love for the Democrats to spend millions of dollars trying to persuade NASCAR fans to vote for the Democrats," Ayres chirped* last summer. "They tend to be disproportionately southern, disproportionately white and disproportionately male, which pretty well defines the core of the Republican Party."

Except for the putative NASCAR affiliation, I disproportionately fit the model.

Aside: notice how the clever word choice of 'chirped' creates a negative feeling without really being a factual commentary on anything Ayres said. It's an old trick used by writers on all sides of the political fence - including Clemens. Don't fall for it.

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