11 October 2007

Beowulf ... the motion picture

I am sure that Beowulf is everyone's favorite Dark Age hero. You probably loved having to read the poem in school, right?

Well, never mind. While doing some serious historical research on my lame Angelina Jolie allusion I discovered this link from Mediev-L, the listserver of serious medievalists. Check it out and tell me if Grendel and Grendel's mother don't look just like you imagined them, way back when you read Beowulf for class.

Some of the medievalists seem to think it is a parody and are planning to see it for giggles.


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At 11 October, 2007 16:21, Blogger Joey said...

Angelina Jolie is such an upgrade to the role I had no idea who she was playing. Grendel's mother to me looks like the lunchroom lady from Calvin and Hobbes only monsterous.

Why oh why can they not make The Hobbit instead? Really odd, but even the actors looked CG in the trailer.


At 14 October, 2007 09:10, Blogger Clemens said...

The whole movie is CG. It's the wave of the future. Virtual heroes for a virtual generation. We might as well call it the E-Generation. Locked in their dark little corners, pale of skin, hollow eyed, peering into computer screens late into the morning, wondering what it is like to touch a, like, real human being.

(I'd better stop - I'm scaring myself. I'm going to have to teach these guys eventually)


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