05 October 2007

Serenity II ?

A few months ago Carmen brought a movie home from the library called "Serenity." She said it was based on a failed TV series but she thought the reviews of it had been good. It being a very small town where we live with not much to do on a Saturday night, we watched it.

And loved it.

Someone who is now on a slow plane to Vietnam loaned us a DVD set of the series it was based on, "Firefly." When Carmen is feeling a bit low or tired she pops one in the machine and watches an episode or two. I have to admit, they are fun.

So this news about a sequel to the movie might be of some interest. Believe it or not, I read about it and found the link on National Review Online.

I'm a bit puzzled though: I thought they had killed off most of the interesting characters in "Serenity I."


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At 09 October, 2007 15:02, Blogger Elliot said...

It certainly is acquiring cult status!

At 09 October, 2007 23:50, Blogger Clemens said...

Evidently! If we only had cable we would have watched it when it was desperate for viewers.

I think that was the way "Star Trek" was, years ago.


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