01 October 2007

March of the Emperors!

Do you remember "March of the Penguins?" Before they got Morgan Freeman to do the voiceover it was a French movie (see, them Frenchies CAN do something right) called "March of the Emperor." Which could lead to some confusion.

Courtesy of my favorite Francophile Bonapartist Historian.

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At 02 October, 2007 04:21, Anonymous groovibaby said...

Yes, the March of the Emperor's was quite a feat. Poor old Napoleon found that Moscow was full of burned shops.

At 02 October, 2007 12:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But at least no emperor eating seals.

At 03 October, 2007 09:07, Anonymous groovibaby said...

But the Tzar did like whale meat.

At 04 October, 2007 10:35, Blogger Clemens said...

Oh that's a lot of blubber.

At 04 October, 2007 10:36, Blogger Clemens said...

BTW, Carmen loves this little video - thinks it is terribly clever. So let's hear it for the French.


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