21 September 2007

I am a sinistrogyric.

Which means my handwriting slants backwards, towards the left-hand side of the paper. I always thought that this was because I am left-handed and had to learn the correct way to hold the paper when I was 10 years old. Until then I held the paper the way a rightie ought to, which caused my hand to drag through what I had just written. So I cocked my arm around in the sinister hook typical of lefties, and my writing slanted to the right. When I learned the proper way to write it suddenly slanted to the left. Thus, I am sinistrogyric.

Now I read this in "The ABCs of Handwriting Analysis" by one Claude Santory, PhD:

"Backward slant [reversed, sinistrogyric]

Meaning: Immaturity; egocentricity; stubborness; incapability in forming deep relationships; often an attachment to mother; obsession with the past; emotional detachment. Subjects are deceitful as friends, are often anxious, and deal with their problems by dissembling and lying."

An obvious piece of pseudo-scientific bullwhaa that I resent.

I am NOT stubborn.


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At 21 September, 2007 22:04, Anonymous Maire said...

No, you aren't stubborn. Or obsessed with the past.


At 24 September, 2007 22:07, Blogger Clemens said...

What's your point?


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