04 November 2007

Personal update

I have been busy this semester. It was a real shock to go back to work after being off to work on my own research for six months. And since I am no longer ass't chair I had to go back to teaching three classes. I am also on the Departmental Personnel Committee which is time consuming under the best of circumstances and this year will not present the best of circumstances. Not even remotely. I have already told the school lawyer (who is not really a lawyer) that I thought their opinion on personnel matters was nonsense that did not even pass the test of common sense - or something like that - and expect it to get a lot worse as time goes by.

Oh, and I went to Georgetown in the District of Columbia for a conference this weekend.

All of which is just to say that I have not been blogging much in the last few months, but expect to pick up the pace again. For my own mental health if nothing else.

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