29 December 2007

Movies that really really stink

At least according to William Booth at the Washington Post. And he does seem to have fun ripping into the worst 10 of the year. No 1 of the worst ten is an effort by Diane Keaton of all people, something called "Because I Said So." Didn't see that one, but critical reaction like this doesn't lead me to want to:

"Unusually toxic waste" is the blurb from the usually decorous Wall Street Journal. The Christian Science Monitor used the term "wince-inducing." The general lament: Why, Diane, why? As in, "Diane Keaton has a lot to answer for," according to the Toronto Star. Richard Roeper called it "the worst performance of Diane Keaton's career." Or as the Rotten Tomatoes "critical consensus" puts it: "an unfunny cliche-ridden mess that manages to make Diane Keaton temporarily unlikable."

They really didn't like "The Reaping" either. How much did they really not like it?

Hilary Swank. "The Reaping." Why? Alimony? Chad Lowe not working? "What, I shudder to think, were the projects Hilary Swank turned down in favor of this?" asks the Seattle Times. ... "The Reaping" is one of those biblical mumbo-jumbo Satan- spawners that was hailed for its well-executed locust attack. As noted by the New York Times, the "only remotely notable thing about this particular jumble of boos, bangs and door creaks, swaying Spanish moss, creeping blond kids and swelling decolletage, creatively presented from various angles in various contexts, is that it tries to wed the horror trend with the heated-up God market."

Let's hear it for swelling decolletage.

It gets worse, believe it or not. So what was the worst movie you have seen this year? I can't really member mine. I saw one or two almost stinkers, but they were children's' movies and were redeemed by the fun had by the children I was with.

But what were your picks for the worst of the worst?

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At 29 December, 2007 16:37, Anonymous joey said...

I didn't have a real stinker this year (only saw about five movies) but my bottom two (tied) would be "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" (<-I was pushing for the The Simpsons and was out voted) and "War" which I walked into with no idea of what it was about and left in a similar state ;)

My top movie of the year was The Bourne Ultimatum with honorable mention going to Ratatouille.


At 29 December, 2007 18:39, Blogger Clemens said...

"War"? Never heard of it. "The Bourne Ultimatum" was good: even Tia liked it.

OTOH, I can't remember any other movies I saw, so it is hard to give out awards. Though "Enchanted" was quite good. "Devel's Backbone" by the same guy who did "Pan's Labyrinth" was also good. "Serenity" was nice - it got us to watch most of the series. That's all I can come up with at the moment. I have "Nomad: The Warrior" on DVD, a movie from Kazakstant, but haven't watched it yet.


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